CH4 Belt Drive Reduction Unit

CH-2 Airboat Belted Reduction Drive Unit

Powerful, Dependable, Quiet Performance with thousands of hours of operations.

Century Drive Systems CH-2 Drive Unit

The CH-2 Airboat Reduction Drive Units are designed for V6, V8, and small block GM and Chevrolet engines. CH-2 models are used on 12' to 17' airboats.

The ratio for a CH-2 drive unit is:
2.52 2.62
  • The belts for CH-2 models are 4" wide and can use HPPD Plus or Blackhawk belts which are rated 60% stronger than the Standard HPPD Plus style.
  • The drive units we manufacture carry a 100 hour factory warranty.
  • Great for government and law enforcement agencies. A much quieter, more powerful system for the individual boat owner. Whether built at home as a kit or by a boat manufacturer, this unit will give years of trouble free service with minimum maintenance.
  • This is an ideal unit for the boat and will have many uses like hunting, fishing, and personal airboating.
  • Our drive systems are a perfect fit for all airboating applications. Examples: Seismograph, Military, Hunting, Fishing, EPA, Law Enforcement, Aquatic Control, Tour Boats and Pleasure Craft.
  • All of our airboat drive unit products are manufactured under Patent # 4884949 and 6540570B1


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