Gatorlight LED Headlamp

Gatorlights LED headlamps are both waterproof to IP68 and shock resistant with a CREE XML- U2 LED predicted lifespan of 30,000 hrs

 Weighing in at only 8.9 ounces with fully adjustable elastic headgear

 This light comes standard with a 12' power cord, inline switch and a 12V fused cigarette lighter plug

 Adapters to other type plugs or gator clips are available upon request

 Gatorlights only draw 1 amp / 12 watts at 12 volts DC

 LED light color is : Daylight white (5000 Kelvin)

 Illuminous (lux) is: 750

 Range: 300 + yards

 Power cord: Marine grade tinned copper 

 Shell: 6063 aluminum alloy

 Surface treatment: Type 3 hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

 Lens: Anti-reflection optical glass lens

 Hardware: Marine grade stainless steel 

 Led Cup: High efficiency reflector