NGH Series Blade

The new NGH Series features our latest advanced swept blade shape along with an integrated winglet at the tip.  A combination of blade shape, airfoil technology, and tip winglet works together to minimize the tip vortices that cause drag and reduce propeller performance.  This enables us to force the thrust line farther down the blade and take airboat propeller performance to the next level.  The tip winglet also helps decrease the sound signature of the propeller while increasing the propeller loading factor.

Sensenich’s “NGH” Series carbon fiber ground adjustable propeller was designed to combine the best characteristics of our H Series and Q Series blades into one propeller.  This snappy, high speed propeller combines great low end push along with with very fast top end speed. These blades can be used on all direct drive automotive and aircraft engines.

The NGH Series has quickly become a favorite of 220 - 300 HP direct drive applications that are look for great all around performance.

All Sensenich composite ground adjustable blades are manufactured using an internal pressure, closed mold system. Aerospace grade epoxy preimpregnated carbon fiber and fiberglass a cured at an elevated temperature to give the optimum strength at the minimum weight. A co-cured stainless metal leading edge is bonded on flush with the airfoil. The stylish aluminum hubs are CNC manufactured from aerospace grade aluminum and offer easy pitch adjustment of the blades.



  • Material

    • Carbon Fiber
  • Engine Type

    • Direct Drive
  • Horsepower

    • 100 - 350+ HP
  • Available Rotation

    • Left Hand Only