Whisper Tip 68 Propeller 66"-68" 2-4 Blade

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For Direct Drive Applications

:: Low Noise
:: Wide Blade
:: Max RPM 3000
:: Unbeatable Performance

Whirl Wind offers the 68 Whisper Tip Series of airboat propellers was specifically designed for direct drive aircraft and automotive engines. Two blade 68 Whisper Tip is the perfect prop for smaller four cylinders a/c engines. The three-blade 68 Whisper Tip is the perfect prop for most six cylinder a/c engines and direct drive automotive engines. This is a very snappy blade while having a minimum noise signature.


Engine Applications for the 68 Whisper Tip

All 68 Whisper Tip diameters available in left-hand rotation only.
NOTE: AB-200 and AB-300 configurations are available with black and aluminum hubs.



Standard Diameter 68″
Diameter Range 66″ to 68″
HP Range 150 to 400+ Hp
Blade Width 9.5”
Engine Applications Direct drive engines (aircraft/automotive)
Max RPM 3000
Rotation Left Rotation
Available Configurations 2 to 5 blade propeller configurations



This propeller has been designed to operate in RPM ranges from 2700 up to a maximum of 3000, with horsepower ranging from 125 up to 400.


Standard Features

  • Electro-formed Nickel Leading Edge for Maximum Protection
  • Carbon Composite Construction
  • Light-Weight Skin Stressed Monocoque Blade

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